how yoga found me


as with many in the yoga world, i didn't choose yoga - yoga chose me.  it appeared in my life in a sudden and unplanned way, and i could never have foreseen how yoga would forever influence my life.  this is my yoga story.

it was during a low point in my life that yoga found me.  feeling lonely, without purpose or meaning, and with a general sense of anxiety and unease, i fled my life and situations at home for a trip to southern california, attempting to reconnect with myself and get some headspace.  with no itinerary and no real plans, i figured that sunset beach yoga was a very "california" thing to do, and i heard it was good for stress relief.  at the time, i didn't have some profound expansion of consciousness, no out of body experience, no flash of clarity.  what i did feel, though, was a small little tingle in the belly, a heady sensation coming out of my savasana, and while gazing at the rays of light streaming over the santa monica mountains as the sun sank further, i said to myself: "this is special, this feeling. im going to do this again".  needless to say, i returned 3 more times during my 10 day stay, and will never forget the feeling as i walked off that beach.

upon returning home to new jersey, i found a beach yoga group in my own town, and was there as often as life would allow.  not only did i feel less stress and anxiety, but for the first time in my life, it felt like i found my "thing" - that thing that fills you inside, that you completely immerse your heart and soul into, and that you are actually *good* at!  i felt proud at every new pose i could achieve, and felt a healthy challenge to go further, rather than my previous attitude of failure, defeat and self deprecation.  once i saw the change in myself, i wanted to share this feeling with others - if i could help just one person feel compassion and love for themselves through the blessing of yoga, i would be fulfilled.

this massive shift in my emotional and physical health was no immediate change, and not without its obstacles and lapses.  it has been years of ups and downs, triumphs and tribulations, but i have never felt that tingle in my heart fade - only grow.  my life's purpose is to help others begin to transform their bodies and minds, to find inner peace, contentment, love, and compassion for themselves, and to help spread that love far and wide.



"yoga is a light, which once lit, will never dim. the better your

practice, the brighter the flame."

b.k.s. iyengar